Paige hurd dating romeo

GB: We hit it off the moment we met so I felt she was the daughter I never had. GB: For me and this character and in working with Ty, I have to trust him. I took my kids to see Captain America: Civil War and I was sitting in theater with my kids and a girlfriend, and I’m watching the film and enjoying it, and less than a month later I get a call to be in the next one. I have to completely let go of any inhibition, any fear and just go for it. One day we were in rehearsals and he comes up to me and says, “I’m from the West Indies and you’re from the West Indies, so how can we make that work? She’s got her looks going for her but that’s about it.Her journey and Ryan Destiny’s character’s journey shows you where it starts. Her very first scene in the movie is when she had to dance around the pole and be sexual; and for a seasoned actress, let alone a new actress, to do that as your first scene in a movie is insane but she held it really well.At first I thought it was going to be some gang banging in the hood but I was so wrong thank goodness.

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I really wanted to do it because I felt that this was a different character.

When the bullies make Grace the focus of their attacks, Grace turns to the new girl in town, the sexually savvy Share (Good).

But Share is out of Grace’s league, and Grace soon learns hard lessons about the dangers of drugs and promiscuity.

Depicting a story of resilience triumphing over despair, of the courage it takes to overcome obstacles and adversity, A GIRL LIKE GRACE forces audiences to confront the demoralizing effects of being bullied.

recently spoke exclusively with Beauvais about her role in the film as well as being part of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming.’ Beauvais is also currently serving as host of the syndicated daytime talk show ‘Hollywood Today Live,’ and as the host of ‘Window Warriors,’ a store front skill-based design reality series on GSN. Garcelle Beauvais: I met with director Ty Hodges and producer Datari Turner and when they had sent me the script I was like, “Me?


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